If you have never worn Organic Mineral Makeup, you are in the right place!  You have made an incredible choice for your skin and it will love you for it.


Why Choose Mineral Makeup?

It is an affordable healthy alternative to pricey chemical makeup.


Why Choose Pure Confidence Minerals?

Our mission is to provide the best, healthiest mineral makeup for our customers at an affordable price.  We do not pay for commercials, infomercials or celebrity endorsements, therefore we do not have to charge so much for our makeup.  It's about educating everyone about skin health, looking natural and that looking amazing does not have to cost so much.  And most important, all of our makeup is made in the USA.


What to expect:

A lightweight natural look that is better for your skin and fast and easy to put on.


Mineral Makeup is not absorbed into your skin, it adheres to it. Every layer of Minerals you brush on, including Veil, Concealer, Foundation, Bronzer, etc has a natural SPF to it and will protect your skin.  Since it adheres, it also creates an environmental blocker that will block toxins and pollutants from being absorbed by your skin throughout the day, they will wash away when you wash off your makeup at night.


Always use a moisturizer and let it fully absorb before applying Mineral Makeup.  If your moisturizer is not absorbed, the Minerals will pull all of the moisture out of your skin and it will feel dry.  So make sure to leave time between applying your moisturizer and your Minerals.


If you are worried that Mineral Makeup will make any wrinkles you may have stand out, apply a Veil Primer first, it will help fill them in and make them less noticeable.


You can also expect a quicker, easier application!  On days where you are rushed or just don’t want to deal with makeup, simply brush on a light layer of Foundation and go.  Or you can also just brush on our Finishing Powder which goes on clear and head out the door, that way you still get the SPF and Environmental Protection.


Which Foundation Shade is the best match for you?


This is a question that is very hard to answer looking at a computer screen, we understand completely!  So we have created Foundation Test Kits and Foundation Sample Kits for you to find out.


The Foundation Test Kits are the cheapest option, they are based off of Undertone and you can learn about undertones by reading our blog post, click here.  The kits include 0.1 grams of Foundation each in 3 or 4 Foundation Shades for you to test on your skin.  Once you have received your test kit, there are instructions included on how and where to test on your skin.  And it includes a 10% Off Coupon on your first order of Foundation or a Starter Kit.


The Foundation Sample Kits are also set up by Undertone, but they include a full Sample Size Jar of each Foundation shade, which is 2 grams of powder.  This will allow you to test it over several days. And one great advantage to using loose powder minerals is you can mix shades together to find the perfect match for your skin. This is great if your skin changes shades between the seasons.

You can find both the Test Kits and the Sample Kits by clicking here.


We are always here to answer any questions you may have, just click on Contact Us above.  You have made the right choice to try Organic Mineral Makeup!