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Make a list of up to 10 products and type them in the "Order Comments" section at checkout, or be surprised and let us pick 10 products for you, so easy!  Please choose above.


Sometimes you just want to try it before you buy it, right? Well you can with us!  Not only do we offer Foundation Test Kits to find your perfect Foundation Shade, we also provide Samples of every one of our loose powder mineral products for just the cost of supplies and postage.  Take a look around our website, find your favorite eye shadow shade, try all natural eye liner, see what those weird correctors are all about, have fun with it!


You can try up to 10 products including any of our Foundations, Concealers, Blushes, Bronzer, Veil Primer, Finishing Powder, Shine Powder, Yellow Corrector, Green Corrector, Eye Liners and any of our Eye Shadows, the choice is yours. (Does not include any brushes or accessories) 


So take the leap into the world of healthy, all natural loose powder mineral makeup.  Our minerals are much cheaper than the national brands, it is well worth $5 to try 10 of our products, you will fall in love with them and save so much money on your makeup in the future. 


You will get 0.1 grams of product in a small bag.


Thank you for giving us a try, we are truly dedicated to showing women how wonderful 100% Natural Makeup is to use and how wonderful it is for your skin.  To read all of the benefits of our products, click on “ABOUT US” at the top of this page.


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