Pure Confidence Minerals

Mineral Makeup Face Powder Refills (non-Foundation)

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Have you used up your jar of mineral makeup?  No problem! Save that jar and order your refill here! 

Choose between a 12 Gram Refill or a 24 Gram Refill!


Refills Available:

Smart Veil Powder 

Fair Concealer 

Beige Concealer 

Deep Concealer 

Yellow Corrector 

Green Corrector 

Radiant Bronzer 

Luscious Blush 

Esteem Blush 

Shine Minimizing Powder

Pure Bliss Finishing Powder


Your refill will come in a zip top bag so you can fill your jar to your liking and save the rest.  


Pure Confidence Minerals are all natural and are wonderful for every skin type! 

Never contains Parabens, Bismuth, Oxy Chloride, Talc or other irritants.

 Thank you for choosing Pure Confidence Minerals! We know you shop and compare, our mineral makeup is less expensive than the national brands, you will get so much more for your money! You will look great and feel Confident!

Pure Ingredients:  Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Sericite, Rose Powder, Kosher Grade Rice Powder, Mica, Kaolin Clay.


The bags used for our refills are biodegradable. They are an "earth friendly" solution to traditional bags. They meet the ASTM D5511 standard for testing and proving the biodegration of plastic materials under anaerobic landfill conditions. 





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Alice 16th Feb 2018


Great stuff!

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