What days do you ship?  -We ship Monday-Saturday -During the week days your order must be (instant pay if using Paypal) paid for by 2:30pm Mountain Time to ship same day  -On Saturdays your order must be (instant pay if using Paypal) paid for by 11:00am Mountain Time to go out same day.


Why don't you include a packing slip in your orders?  -We are trying to be as green a company as possible and with all of the electronic confirmations these days, we prefer to save the paper.


Do all of your Jars include sifters?  -All of our large jars the 20 and 30 gram jars have sifters.  The 5 gram jars do not, however, we do have them & will send them with your order if requested at no extra charge.


Does your makeup have sun protection?

Yes, our mineral makeup provides natural SPF protection! Each product includes it so you will get protection from every layer you brush on, from Veil Primer all the way to Finishing Powder. The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide work together to provide SPF.


What is the difference between the Smart Veil and the Shine Minimizing Powder? - The Veil is a primer that you put on first, it helps to create a balanced, flawless look and also helps your minerals stay on all day. The Shine Minimizing Powder is one that you use when you need it throughout the day, it controls the oils in your skin and reduces shine. Some people keep the Shine Powder with them during the day when the oils come out in their forehead and nose, just brush it on when you need it.


What is the difference between the Foundation and Concealer formula wise?

The concealer has a more concentrated base with fewer oxides than the foundation.


Does loose powder Mineral Makeup dry out your skin?

This one is tricky because there are a few factors that go into it. First of all, ALWAYS use a moisturizer, every day. Now the key is to apply your moisturizer well before applying Mineral Makeup, make sure it has time to absorb before applying minerals. If you apply your moisturizer right before you apply minerals, they will pull that moisture right out of your skin. So it’s all about timing, give your skin time to let the moisturizer do what it needs to do. And, of course, we always recommend using an organic moisturizer. Check out our "Links" page for our suggestions on organic skin care.


Does Pure Confidence Minerals Makeup contain Kaolin?

Yes, kaolin clay is in almost everything. It's used in our base powder. It's not in our green or yellow corrector or our shine reduction.


Do you have an Illuminating Veil?

Yes, try mixing our Veil Primer with the Opal eye shadow for a look with more illumination.


How do I know what my Undertone is? 

We have written a blog post on this subject, click here: 



What are Green and Yellow Correctors used for?

We have written a blog post to help with this, click here:



How come your products are less expensive than other companies, is it good quality? -We are able to provide our makeup at such a low cost because we do not pay for advertising or for expensive packaging. We do not have stores or pay for commercials and we refuse to pay for positive reviews.  We use word of mouth and organic reach on social media to advertise, we know makeup is a very personal choice but if someone you know loves it, they will tell you!  We are very proud of the prices we charge to keep our customers coming back for more!  Our products are of exceptional quality and made in the USA!