What is Your Undertone?

Your undertone is the color just beneath your skin. While your skin tone may change due to sun exposure, your undertone never changes. You can test our foundations by prepping your skin, always wash and moisturize! Test in good lighting, wear white, apply and let is adhere in one spot, then move into different light to see what it looks like.

Pink Undertones:  Also known as Cool Undertones, your veins look blue, silver jewelry looks great on you, your skin appears blue-ish in the sun.

Yellow Undertones: Also known as Warm Undertones, your veins look green or olive, Gold jewelry looks great on you, your skin appears yellow-ish in the sun.

Neutral: Your veins are green/blue, you look great in gold or silver, your skin looks green-ish in the sun.

Dark Undertones: Dark skin can vary with warm and cool tones also, we have 3 foundation shades that incorporate both for dark undertones.  Try all 3 with our Dark Undertone Foundation Test Kit.

If you order one of our Foundation Test Kits, they include 3-4 Foundation Shades and q-tips so you can test the shades on the underside of your forearm.  Use the q-tip to put a stripe of each Foundation Shade on your forearm, wait a few minutes for it to adhere, look at it in different light, inside and outside, the color that disappears is yours! I use this method with every client I meet in person, they are so amazed when they find their perfect match!

Visit our "Sets and Kits" tab to view our Foundation Test Kits and our Foundation Sample Kits which include a larger sample of Foundation.

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