Size Information on our Makeup Jars

In this article we want to highlight our jars specifically to answer some questions and concerns we have gotten in the past. 

In our 6 pc and 8 pc Starter Kits we use a Medium, 20 Gram Jar for the foundation color that holds 9 Grams of Powder & for the rest we use Sample Size 5 Gram Jars that hold 2 Grams of Powder. We do this so you can try it without spending a lot of money. 

If you prefer to order large jars (especially our international customers) take a look at our 7pc Full Size Kit, this has the Foundation in a Large 30 Gram Jar and the rest in Medium 20 Gram jars. 

The Sample Size Jars are just that, a Sample, so you may find it difficult if you have a larger brush with our small jars.  Please keep this in mind when ordering, if you like the sample, you can order a larger jar of the same product.  You can also order empty jars from us, look on our Accessories Page.

All of our 20 and 30 Gram Jars include sifters in them, the 5 Gram Jars do not. We do have sifters for the 5 Gram Jars and will include them for free if you request them when you place your order.  Keep this in mind when ordering Eye Shadow and Eye Liners, they are all in 5 gram jars without sifters, if you would like one, just leave us a note in the comments section at checkout and we will include it for free.

We have added pictures to our Website and EBay Store to show the exact size of the jars so you know exactly what you are getting. We have included pictures of our jars & brushes next to rulers so you can see the exact size. 

Please don't hesitate to message us with any questions or concerns, thank you!