Eye Shadow Tips

Eye Shadow Tips:

  1. Make sure you are using our Smart Veil Primer first, it will help keep the oils from forming and creasing your eye shadow.
  2. After removing the lid from the jar, keep it handy! After dipping your eye shadow brush into the color, tap it into the lid and use what is in the lid. It will help you control how much eye shadow you put on.
  3. If you want a darker coverage, dip the eye shadow brush lightly into water, you want it slightly damp, not wet. Brush it onto the back of your hand to remove excess water, then apply the minerals.
  4. If you do notice a little creasing in the afternoon as the day goes on, brush on a little of our Shine Minimizing Powder.
  5. Remember if you want a sifter for our 5 Gram Jars, you need to request it either in the comment section on Paypal or via e-mail. We will include them for free if requested.
  6. Our Radiant Bronzer and all of our Blushes can also be used as Eye Shadows.
  7. We have also added matte Black Eye Liner and Brown Eye Liner.