2016 Makeup and Beauty Trends

We have gathered some information for you on what is already trending in 2016, enjoy!

According to great sources such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle Magazines, here are some of the trends happening now!

Blue Eye Shadows: Blue is definitely an in color right now for the eyes trending on all three of the above mentioned magazines. Our Lagoon Eye Shadow is great on its own or mixed with a little water for a bolder look.

Bronzer: That sun kissed look is back for another year, bronzer is still a trendy thing to have. And it is for both your face and body as well as your eyes. Our Radiant Bronzer can be used anywhere on the face, neck, arms and as an eye shadow. It can even be mixed into your sunblock for a tinted look without wearing makeup.

Hair: Braids and Twists are in! Especially tough girl braids, which is just one big thick braid in the back. Nonchalant Knots are also still in, as well as air dried hair and hair accessories like barrettes, clips and flowers.

Lips: Red lips as well as Nude Lips are in, it is a big decision but you can’t go wrong with either one. Dark, moody lips are also in for the winter months.

Mascara is back! If you didn’t know it had disappeared for a few seasons from some of the runway’s but now is back so highlight those lashes!

Eyes: There is a trend called “Sunset Streak” which brings Pinks and Peaches back into eye shadow. This is trending mostly with the nude or no makeup look using the pinks to highlight the eyes. Our Mineral Foundation is made to look natural or nude on your skin, and we have some beautiful pink eye shadows and blushes to compliment the look. (our blushes can be used as eye shadows too!)

Black Eye Liner is back, trending as “90’s Eye Liner”. It’s time to master the water line and tightlining. Apply all the way around the eyes and onto the water line. We are so excited to announce that Black and Brown Eye Liners will be coming soon from Pure Confidence Minerals! 100% Natural and Pure Organic loose powder Eye Liners, stay tuned!

And finally, “Starry Eyes” are in, that means lots of Sparkle! We for sure have you covered there, all of our eye shadows contain shimmer and will add a boost of sparkle to your eyes. We have had some customers tell us that they use our Opal Eye Shadow all over their face and over lipstick just to get that shimmer look, we love it! This category also includes what is called “Arts and Crafts Makeup” where actual crafts are made for the face, like gems, pearls, paints and glitter.

We hope these trends have enlightened you on what's happening just a few days into the New Year. Thanks for reading!