Welcome to Pure Confidence Minerals!

If your goal is to look natural and amazing while at the same time taking care of your skin, you have come to the right place for all natural mineral makeup!  Our goal is to ensure you are taking the best care of your skin while making you feel good about yourself so you can feel confident every day. We offer products that are preservative free, oil free, free of harsh chemicals, and an all-natural alternative to today's pricey cosmetics. We try to keep our prices below competitive rates and offer FREE Shipping on all orders within the United States including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

We are a family owned company out of Littleton, CO, you can be confident you will receive the best personal service from us. We enjoy taking the time to research what natural cosmetics are trending in the industry and being educated on natural makeup to provide our customers with what they need.  We serve all ages of women, from teens just starting with makeup all the way up, our makeup is for everyone!  We even have solutions for men with our Pure Bliss Finishing Powder and Shine Minimizing Powder, helping to block environmental stressors and providing SPF protection.  All of our Mineral Makeup is made in the United States with the best care and handling. We personally Jar, Label and Ship our products. When you visit our website, leave all your worries behind, feel confident in knowing you are choosing the best Mineral Makeup on the market! You will look and feel incredible!

Here are some facts about our makeup:

  • All of our minerals are inorganic and dry, bacteria cannot grow in them.
  • Our mineral foundation helps irritated skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It can even be applied to skin after cosmetic surgery.
  • Our minerals will stay on all day and continue to offer maximum coverage, even through sweating in the heat or during a workout, as long as you pat your face and don't rub it, your makeup will be waterproof with no more applications.
  • Our mineral makeup offers incredible coverage, which is perfect for anyone battling Rosacea, skin damage, discoloration, acne, etc. Minerals adhere naturally to the skin.
  • Our minerals are safe and work for everyone and every skin type in any climate.
  • Our minerals do not block pores and provide a barrier that assists in trapping pollutants to keep them from being absorbed into your skin. Then you wash those pollutants away at night when you wash off your makeup.
  • Mineral makeup naturally has an SPF to protect against sun damage which reduces the risk of skin cancer and wrinkles.
  • Pure Confidence Minerals look and feel natural and are very lightweight on the skin, no matter how many layers are applied.
  • To attain the weightless, luminous look you want, less is best with our products! Sometimes we use too much because we are used to cosmetics with fillers, not anymore!
  • Our minerals assist in preventing dehydration while allowing skin to breathe and function normally.
  • Our minerals are made with the purest Micas, Titanium's, Oxides, Rose and Silk Powders. We never use fillers, dyes, parabens, bismuth oxy Chloride, oils or perfumes found in most commercial cosmetics.
  • Pure Confidence Minerals does not test on animals.

We invite you to order a Foundation Test Kit or a Starter Kit today, find out if our minerals will give you the confidence you need, click here.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us,

Julia Bernzott, Owner

Pure Confidence Minerals


About the Owner:

Julia opened Pure Confidence Minerals on January 1, 2013.  After experiencing an allergic reaction to mineral makeup and learning that not all Mineral Makeup is chemical free, she decided to research and try only natural/pure organic mineral makeup and what a difference!  She was so impressed by it she decided to make it her full time job to provide others with healthy makeup that doesn't irritate your skin, and Pure Confidence Minerals was created!  She takes pride in helping you from the outside in, to help you love your skin and be confident in how you look.

Personally, Julia has been married to her wonderful husband for 20 years and has a 19 year old daughter who helps a lot with the business.  Julia is a supporter of Small Business and helps network and create social media content for other small businesses.  She is a huge Disney fan and was married at the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World in 2000 and goes back with her family every few years.  She is a native of Colorado and is a hockey fan and follows the Colorado Avalanche watching as many games as possible during the season on TV.  As a family, they are dog lovers with three Basset Hounds who are spoiled rotten! You may see the hounds pop up on our social media accounts every once in a while.  And lastly Julia and her family are also part of the Pit Crew for a Land Speed Racing Team called Mile High Attitude.