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8pc Mineral Makeup Starter Kit with Foundation Brush

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Our 8pc Starter Kit with Foundation Brush is a great way to get started with Organic Mineral Makeup! You get a 20 gram jar of Foundation in the shade of your choice plus 7 other products plus you get a Foundation Brush that provides excellent overall coverage.

Please see our Foundation Shade Chart to determine your Foundation Shade.

This kit includes:

  • Mineral Foundation: This foundation is lightweight and all natural. It will never feel caked on and will not cause irritation. This is a 20 Gram Jar holding 9 Grams of Powder.
  • Radiant Bronzer: Bronzer can be applied on top of your foundation for a sun kissed look. Use as an eye shadow or an all over body shimmer. Radiant Bronzer has a natural SPF. This is a 5 Gram Jar holding 1.5 Grams of Powder.
  • Luscious Blush: This blush is a lighter pink that will bring out the natural pink in your cheeks. It can be used as an eye shadow as well. This is a 5 Gram Jar with 2 Grams of Powder.
  • Fair Concealer, Beige Concealer or Deep Concealer: Ideal for concealing blemishes, imperfections, dark circles under the eyes and helps neutralize splotchy skin. This is a 5 Gram Jar with 2 Grams of Powder.Which one will be determined by the Foundation color you choose. Ivory, Cream, Almond & Sunset will get Fair Concealer.  Neutral, Earth Light Brown and Deep Brown will get Beige Concealer.  And Mocha & Dark Timber will get Deep Concealer.
  • Smart Veil Primer: Use smart veil first as a primer on your face, it will create a softer look with long lasting appearance. Veil will absorb excess oil and moisture. This is a 5 Gram Jar holding 2 Grams of Powder.
  • Pure Bliss Finishing Powder: The last step of Confidence! Brush on after you have applied your makeup for that light, breathable, delicate look you are going for. This is a 5 Gram Jar holding 2 Grams of Powder.
  • Yellow Corrector: Excellent for covering the dark circles under your eyes and toning down red or pink skin to give you a more natural look. Also works well on bruises, freckles and age spots.  This is a 5 Gram Jar holding 2 Grams of Powder.
  • Green Corrector:  Excellent for covering redness on your skin to give you a more natural look.  It works great on rosacea, acne, blemishes, birthmarks or broken capillaries.  This is a 5 Gram Jar holding 2 Grams of Powder.
  • Mineral Makeup Foundation Brush: This incredible brush is great for overall face coverage. It has a nice handle to make applying minerals so easy. It is made of a natural fiber called Sable which makes it soft yet dense. This brush is about 5 inches long.
  • Instruction Card: You will get an instruction card to guide you through applying all of these items

Pure Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Sericite, Rose Powder, Kosher Grade Rice Powder, Mica, Kaolin Clay.

Thank you for choosing Pure Confidence Minerals! We know you shop and compare, our mineral foundations and colors are less expensive than the national brands, you will get so much more for your money, our jars are designed to hold more product so you will get more too! You will look great and feel Confident!



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Sharlene in Colorado 21st Mar 2017

Love the starter kit!

I love the option of a starter kit so you can try everything out at an affordable price. And I can complement it with different shades of foundation, blush and eyeshadows! I love this organic make-up and am glad to know it is made in the USA! I have recommended Pure Confidence Minerals to my friends and highly recommend it to you too!

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Additional Info

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