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Which Eye Shadow Shade is Best for You?

Have you ever wondered if you are wearing the wrong shade of  eye shadow to go with your skin tone or eye color? If so, you are not alone! The battle continues over the correct beauty rules! We have been researching how to pick the best shade of Eye Shadow and have found so many conflicting articles, we were even a little confused, we are sure you are too. We have compiled what we have learned and want to share it with you:

  1. Our first tip is unanimous in that your eye shadow should enhance your eyes, not over power your face. When people look at you they should see your eyes, not the eye shadow.
  2. Use a primer to keep your eye shadow from creasing, our Smart Veil Primer is perfect.
  3. Wet your brush slightly to make lighter mineral eye shadows appear darker.
  4. Here are a few tips when it comes to Skin Tone:
    1. For dark skin tones, avoid ashy or white shades, they can appear invisible or dull on the skin. Stick with warm shades rich with pigment, soft shades will fade on darker skin, which is fine if you are going for a natural look but won’t work if you are trying to make a statement. Also stick with dark, bold eye liners.
    2. For fair skin tones, stay away from the silver or smoky eyes, sometimes those with fair skin look more bruised than beautiful. Sheer pigments will appear more saturated on pale skin and stay away from highly pigmented shades as they can overpower your natural beauty, stick with the middle ground.
    3. Contour lightly – when contouring your eyes, use eye shadow colors that are a few shades darker than your natural skin tone, otherwise your contoured lids will overshadow the rest of your eye.
  5. Here is what we found when it comes to your eye color:
    1. Always have a lot of neutral shadows to layer more dramatic shades on top of.
    2. Blue Eyes:
      1. Blue eyes are the easily manipulated by color, they can read gray, vivid blue or icy blue with the correct color of choice.
      2. If you want a gray/blue tone, use purple and shades of lavender.
      3. If you want an edgier almost electric look, go with a rust colored shadow. Anchor it with a teal gray for a dreamy affect or go with a natural brown in the crease and outer edge.
      4. Other options are bronze, gunmetal or rose gold. Make sure to get a sheer gunmetal shade to keep it understated.
    3. Green Eyes
      1. If you want your Green Eyes to pop, use purple hues.
      2. If you want a natural look, use taupe or beige.
      3. For brightness and natural flair, use beautiful mustards and warm peaches. Anchor these colors with a chocolate brown shadow to give richness or a cool taupe for a more modern look.
    4. Brown Eyes
      1. For a safe choice, use warm browns and use gold and copper to deepen.
      2. To enhance your Brown Eyes, use rich jewel tones such as burgundy.
      3. For a dramatic look, use rich navy and midnight blues.
      4. Warm metallic hues will brighten your eyes by enhancing the gold undertones.
      5. Green shades also contrast nicely with brown eyes.
    5. Hazel Eyes
      1. Reddish tones in burgundy enhance the green in hazel eyes.
      2. Olive and light pink make hazel eyes look lighter by bringing out the yellow.

We hope that give a little insight into what will work best for your skin. All of our Mineral Eye Shadows and Eye Liners are 100% Natural and Pure Organic. All of our Eye Shadows include shimmer and our Eye Liners are matte.

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