Makeup Travel Tips

Travel Tips:

One of the great things about Mineral Makeup is how quick and easy it goes on! You can be up and out the door quickly when just brushing on a thin layer of minerals, but make sure to moisturize first or wear sunblock and let it fully absorb if you will be outside all day, it will add an extra layer of protection along with the SPF in the minerals, you can never be too careful when it comes to the sun. The combination of Zinc Oxide and Iron Oxide in our makeup provides a safe, natural SPF on your skin.  Our Minerals come with SPF 18 and that will go up depending on the number of layers you apply.

A great space saver in your checked bag or carry on is our Sample/Travel Size Jars! They are small but hold enough powder for your vacation if going for a week or so.  They are 5 Gram Jars that hold about 2 grams of powder and you can get them pre-filled or empty to fill yourself.  They are worth getting and can be refilled for the next trip from your larger jars. Our 6pc Starter Kit with Foundation Brush is perfect for travel, it includes a brush, a 20 Gram Foundation plus our Veil, Concealer, Bronzer, Blush & Finishing Powder in the small 5 gram jars.

When you are on vacation, if you don't want to wear makeup, here are some tips:

  • You can apply just our Pure Bliss Finishing Powder, that way you still get the SPF Protection and the Environmental protection.  The powder is white but goes on clear. 
  • If you need a little color but are in a humid environment, skip all of the layers and just apply a light layer of Bronzer over your sunblock.  
  • Or if you want a great shimmer, mix a little of our Bronzer into your sunblock in your hand and then apply! It adds just the right amount of tint to your face.